The Real CBD – CBD Soft Gel Capsules


50 CBD Soft Gel Capsules

6mg CBD / Capsule

Contains: ? 0.2% THC

To be taken as a food supplement the same way as vitamins.

Best stored in the refrigirator



CBD Soft Gel Capsules – 6mg CBD / Soft Gel Capsule

CBD rich hemp in the form of a soft gel capsule.

Easy and discreet to use!

CBD capsules are an ideal option to quickly and easily get a dose of healthy CBD without having to fiddle with the oil dropper bottle.

Capsules are swallowed whole after which the casing is digested by digestive system in the stomach. Because the valuable CBD ingredients are stored in a capsule, no taste is detected during intake.

The taste of oil can be difficult to tolerate for some people and the soft gel capsules are the solution. No taste is detected when ingesting the capsules.

CBD soft gels capsules

CBD Capsules are convenient for people on the go, you can bring the right dosage wherever you need to in the practical little metal  jar.

Inside each capsule is the thick CBD extract. Extracted from organic hemp plants using Supercritical CO2 method, it then goes through a gentle cold filtration process. The result is CBD Extract in its most complete form with nothing added or taken away.

When you need to take your CBD, you just pop a capsule in your mouth like any other vitamin or supplement. No hempy taste, no calculating dosage per drop.

One small disadvantage when it comes to CBD Capsules is that the body absorbs less of the main, active ingredients. The CBD extract must first pass through the digestive tract and be broken down by liver enzymes, meaning less CBD enters the bloodstream compared to other delivery methods. This also means it can take up to an hour for the CBD Capsules to take effect.

However, for most people, the advantages are enough to warrant making CBD tablets/Capsules their favorite way to take CBD extracts.

While CBD soft gels capsules are useful to take on-the-go, it’s important to remember that the capsules should be stored in the fridge to prolong shelf-life.


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