Slightly Roasted Hemp Seeds



Slightly roasted hemp seeds, crispy and nutty flavour and full of minerals and omegas!

Hemp seeds are a well-known superfood and excellent snack, complementing our diet with valuable nutrients:

protein – easily absorbed and hypoallergenic,

magnesium – only 15 grams of the seeds provides half the daily requirement for magnesium,

dietary fiber – essential for proper functioning of our digestive system, especially intestines,

iron – aids the nervous and immune system in fighting bacteria and viruses,

zinc – protects against infections and tumors,

good fatty acids (omega 3-6-9) – lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


Thanks to the gentle shedding that we gave our hemp seeds, it’s also a delicious, crispy and light snack.

Net weight – 250 g

 The product is 100% vegan and non tested on animals!


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