Herbal Blend for the Kidney



Herbal Blend for the Kidney tea is recommended for kidney diseases such as urolithiasis.

The blend enriches the body with micronutrients and vitamins, boosts the immune system, and improves general well-being in urinary tract diseases (also shows excellent preventive properties).

Sage, black walnut leaves, and birch result in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anesthetic, and diuretic properties. The blend also prevents salt retention. Couch grass rhizomes reduce the formation of stones in the kidneys, bladder and, gallbladder. Yarrow, wild strawberry leaves, and nettle enrich the body with micronutrients, vitamins and biologically active substances with health benefits.

Ingredients: Juglans regia, Fragaria vesca, Salvia officinalis, Urtica urens, Elymus repens, Helichrysum arenarium, Achillea millefolium, Mentha piperita, Glechoma hederacea, Betula pendula.


Capacity: 10g


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