Hemp bran



Hemp bran is an excellent addition to meals – smoothie, yoghurt, fresh fruit or cereal. Thanks to its high content of nutrients, even a small amount of the hemp bran has a positive effect on our body. Hemp can also be a good substitute for flour when baking cakes, bread or nutritious pizza.


The most important features of our hemp bran include:

– very high fiber content – it has not only a beneficial effect on the peristalsis of our intestines, it is also a natural slimming aid, because it is responsible for the feeling of satiety in the stomach;

– high content of protein, carbohydrates and healthy omega 3-6-9 fatty acids;

– high iron, magnesium and potassium content;

– valuable vitamins from groups A and E


Hemp bran is a natural product and contains no artificial additives.

Net Weight: 250 g


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