Canalade Dark Hemp Chocolate



Canalade Dark Hemp Chocolate is an organic bitter chocolate with peeled and toasted hemp seeds it has a cocoa content of at least 70%.

Enjoy Canalade Dark Hemp Chocolate and trea yourself with something really special with the taste of this delicious Canalade Hemp Seed Chocolate from Hanf-Natur. High in essential nutrients and a crunchy texture, the irresistible hot and sweet taste will simply leave you wanting more. This high-quality chocolate is mixed with shelled, roasted hemp seeds, adding vitamins B and E and amino acids, as well as calcium and fibre.


100 g


cocoa mass*, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, hempseed*, cocoa powder, cocoa solids: 70% minimum. May contain traces of nuts, wheat components and powdered milk traces.

*= from certified organic cultivation

Nutrition Ø /100g: 

Energy                               591 kcal / 2450 kJ
Fat                                                         46,2 g
-Saturates                                             25,6 g
Carbohydrates                                      28,8 g
-Sugars                                                 24,0 g
Fiber                                                     10,4 g
Protein                                                    9,8 g
Salt                                                       0,01 g

The above values may vary according to the natural fluctuation of raw materials within a natural product


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